Natural Solutions


GreenShift’s definition of “performance” and approach to process design are both inspired by nature. Life selects for balance with other forms of life and shared environments. That process proceeds to and at every scale, both internally amongst the organisms and populations of localized ecosystems, and externally as successively larger systems seek balance in the Earth’s global ecosystem. Significantly, each balance is mediated simultaneously and continuously in response to complex and dynamic pressures, as ecosystems constantly “innovate” and iterate to least energy solutions that optimize utilization and maximize sustainability with zero waste


Humanity would do well to learn from that example. Because, in the context of our natural resource consumption practices, “least energy solutions that optimize utilization and maximize sustainability with zero waste” also happen to mark the magic “triple point” at which financial, natural, and social capital would be simultaneously maximized. We must aspire to and design for that metric if we want to maintain and advance our way of life while resolving the crisis in our path; to sustain our home so that it can sustain us, and thereby earn our keep on the right side of selection.


Such concepts are far more approachable than most assume. GreenShift designs technologies to increase production, reduce consumption, and minimize waste for pre-existing manufacturing assets. Each technology is compartmentalized, such that deployment proceeds in dedicated profit centers that must prove their fitness to survive with sufficient returns on the resources they need to exist, operate, and scale. Each technology is also right-sized for dynamic homeostasis with all pre-existing and planned processes, to defray cost and risk by capitalizing on and contributing to operating synergies. Finally, each technology is selected for alignment with a portfolio of upgrades that share a common trajectory and primary objective: achieve, maintain and contribute to balance with local and global ecosystems by simultaneously maximizing financial, natural, and social returns.